3D Machine Tattoo Design

3D Machine Tattoo Design

Posted in Fashion, on Aug 3, 2011 by robert

Nowadays, many art lovers are not satisfied with the 2D image. Hence we have lots of things in 3D format, 3D Murals Painting, 3D Street Painting, and 3D Chalk Painting. And now, we have 3D tattoo. The reason I wrote this lens, is just because I was freak out today by seeing one of those 3D tattoo designs.

They are pretty scary or cool at first view. But if you look at those details on the tattoo, that is really awesome work. I just can’t imagine how much pain I have to endure to give that tattoo. I don’t have that kind of courage. So I am sitting at home , collecting and posting those awesome looking photos. Hope you enjoy!

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